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                    Product introduction
                    Bleaching powder: (Calcium hypochlorite: (Ca(ClO)2)
                    It can be used to disinfect, sterilize, do water treatment and the antisepsis of chemical poison and radioactive material. The content is 55%-65%. It is packed with plastic bucket or iron bucket, with net weight of 45kg-50kg each bucket. And package can be offered according to customer’s requirements.

                    Registered trademark: Weilite;
                    Annual output:
                    20000 tons

                    Level and technical index of product are as follows: Standard: GB/T10666-1995

                    Best Quality
                    First Quality
                    Effective chlorine content
                    Annual loss rate of chloine
                    powder,granular,mixed ; or processed upon clients' request.
                    Market price

                    Calcium Hypoclorite (sodium process)
                    Product Introduction
                    Main composition: Ca(ClO)2, white powder or granules
                    UNNO: 2880
                    IMDG 5.1
                    Mainly used in water treatmetn, disinfection and bio-chemical treatment of pollutants.
                    Supply Amount:20000t/a.

                    Best quality
                    First quality
                    Effective chlorine %
                    Granularity(14-50 meshes)%
                    ≥ 90

                    1. In plastic drum lined with plastic bag, net wt. 45kg 50kg/drum. "Oxidant" label should be signed.
                    2. Stored in dry, cool and draughty place; avoid insolation, fire and heat; no mixing with organic substances, acids or reducing agents.

                    Uses of bleaching powder: Bleaching of wood sulp, silk, cloth, fibers, disinfection etc. It is widely used in disinfection of drinking water, hotel, hospital, swimming pool and bath room; also used in the anti-shrinkage treatment of wool, bleaching of textiles, and used as chlorating agent of rubbers.

                    Using method of Weilite bleaching powder
                    1. 100Kg 65% bleaching powder added to one ton water can be confected into bleaching solution with 6.5% effective chlorine content.
                    2. Adding 1.7g bleaching powder into one ton water can be confected into disinfectant fluid with a million to one effective chlorine content..

                    The advantages of Weilite bleaching powder are as follows::
                    1. high effective chlorine content
                    2. particularly good stability; can be stored for long time under normal temperature; little efficiency content loss
                    3、high solubility, easily dissolve in water to form high concentrate bleaching solution with little undissolved substance

                    1. stored in places with good aeration; apart from heat; not be directly insolated under sunlight
                    2. cannot be insolated, heated and be affected with damp during transportation; don’t contact with organic matter, oil, and acid substances.
                    3. Methods when package is broken and scatters: collecting and airproofing the product in time
                    4. washing with diluted ammonia solution

                    Fire fighting
                    Put out a fire with yellow sand, carbon dioxide and foam, don’t use ordinary vitriol fire extinguisher

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